Moon Glow

Glow in the Dark Face Jewels

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Colour: Northern Lights
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Take your make-up to the next level with Moon Glow Glow-In-The-Dark Face Jewels and highlight your face with clusters of sparkling gems for striking looks that’ll wow the crowd.

Our Glow-In-The-Dark Face Jewels are not only beautiful, they come in a choice of 4 spectacular colour effects - Northern Lights, Illumination, Glow Girl and Pink Flamingo. For an ultra-stand-out look, you’ll just love the results.

Whatever time of day, whatever the occasion, these sparkling jewels will stay put - whether you’re shaking moves on the dancefloor, glamming up for a party or feeling festival funky. From fancy dress to concerts, your gems will rock.

Moon Glow Glow-In-The-Dark Jewels are a must-have for elevating colour and glam effects. Neon bright by day and glowing bright in the dark, their star quality steals the show.

Easy to use - just peel each jewel from the sheet and arrange on your face using our design, or one of your own. And to remove, simply peel off.

*The longer you charge the colour with light, the more intense the effect. Best seen in pitch black conditions.

Charge using any light source after application (use a UV Light / Blacklight to 'super charge' for an instant effect). The longer you charge for, the more intense the effect. They also react brightly under direct exposure to UV Lighting. Please note that the glow is best seen in pitch black conditions and that ambient light will detract from the perceived glow. Thick application is recommended for best results.